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First the professional part: I’m a versatile and experienced copywriter and communications professional with a background in designing and delivering training and cultural change programmes in a corporate setting.

I studied English Language at the University of Glasgow (M.A. 2007; M.Phil. 2009) and Public Relations at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh (M.Sc. graduating 2016). I’m a sharp and accurate writer, crafting engaging and effective internal and external communications. My copy has launched major new product lines on, introduced new systems and procedures at Glasgow Prestwick Airport and made complex training areas accessible and fun.

My experience extends to media relations, retail PR, internal communications, strategic planning, training design, technical writing, event planning, research, creating PowerPoint and SlideShare presentations, social media and content production/management.

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And now for the personal…

I’m a film fanatic and love talking film either online or off. I listen to music virtually all of the time and have fairly eclectic taste; scroll down to get an idea of some of my desert island discs.

I love to write and am (very) slowly working on a novel. Since you’re bound to ask – it’s a contemporary literary drama set in a fictional town on the west coast of Scotland during a summer heat wave. And yes we do get heat waves. Occasionally.

I recently got back into gaming (I’m an Xbox man), am very interested in social media and spend far too much time watching YouTube videos. I’m also a real trivia hound, will never turn down a quiz, love getting lost in a good book and am slightly addicted to coffee.

You can read more about my background and experience here; view my visual CV here; browse my writing portfolio here; or contact me here.

My Vital Statistics

Films: Vertigo, Rear Window, Phantom of the Paradise, In the Heat of the Night, Le Mépris, Amélie, Once Upon a Time in the West, Deep Red, Leon, Manhattan, Elizabethtown, Barry Lyndon, Suspiria, They Live.

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Bands/Musicians: Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, The Band, Philip Glass, Patrick Wolf, Aimee Mann, Mélanie Pain, Miles Davis, Villeneuve, Nouvelle Vague, Bernard Herrmann, The Doors, Cemeteries, M83, The Cardigans, Massive Attack, Air, Charlotte Gainsbourg.

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Authors: Bret Easton Ellis, James Ellroy, Donna Tartt, Doris Lessing, Daphne du Maurier, Charles Dickens, Vladimir Nabokov, J.G. Ballard, Alfred Bester, J.D. Salinger, Evelyn Waugh, Tom Wolfe.


Drinks: A large latte with three espresso shots and no sugar; orange juice, preferably with the pulp; cranberry juice; lagers and real ales at the weekend; and the occasional single malt (with no ice).


YouTube Channels | Podcasts: The Young Turks, Secular Talk, Think Tank, Welcome to Nightvale, Watch Mojo, Postmodern Jukebox, D News, Player Piano, Good Mythical Morning. I still miss Chet Siegel’s Guyism Speed Round.


Guilty Pleasures: ‘So-bad-they’re-good’ cult movies; arguing with other film buffs that those ‘so-bad-they’re-good’ movies are actually masterpieces; Temptation by Heaven 17. I really can’t justify that last one, but I do stand by it!

Cult Movies